Some great recent sports romances

Looking for more sports romances? I’ve read three great ones this summer:


51Qk4UuQNgL First Step Forward by Liora Blake Very cute, a little quirky, and totally hot. Pro-football player Cooper falls for a struggling orchard owner, Whitney. I love how Blake’s heroes fall early and hard, and definitely recommend this for those of you who like heroes-in-pursuit stories.


51qpyBHJu3L Intercepting the Chef by Rachel Goodman Smart, sexy and full of foodie goodness. Chef Gwen returns to her hometown to work for her brother’s best friend, who happens to be famous NFL quarterback Logan Stonestreet. Brother’s best friend is one of my favourite tropes, but it’s the layered characters and wonderful dialogue that make this book shine.


51xLsyoRwtL An Irresistible Force by Melanie Ting This is the second book in the series, but I had no trouble diving in, and am definitely checking out the rest of the series. This is a delicious slow-burn romance between former NHL star Chris and Amanda, the woman who’s been tasked with revamping a struggling an AHL hockey team. I loved the unique setting of the administrative office of a minor league team, and the payoff of Chris and Amanda’s tentative journey from co-workers, to friends to lovers is totally worth it.


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