Some great audiobooks

Since Clem, the heroine of my latest release REAL KIND OF LOVE, is an audiobook narrator, I thought I would share some fantastic audiobooks I’ve listened to recently.

51EDf3PYFAL._SL500_K.M. Jackson’s TO ME I WED (narrated by Diana Luke): This was such fun story, and the narrator did a great job making every single character’s voice completely unique. The ending was particularly wonderful and Diana Luke brought the perfect amount of emotion to it.

61zNxdBy+HL._SL500_Tessa Dare’s WHEN A SCOT TIES THE KNOT (narrated by Carmen Rose): Tessa Dare writes some of the best growly heroes out there, and Carmen Rose does a fantastic job bringing them to life. The narration captures the humour and sexual tension of the book so well.

51g+BK4krzL._SL500_Jill Smolinski’s OBJECTS OF MY AFFECTION (narrated by Xe Sands): I suspect Sand’s languid drawl will be polarizing, but I loved it. The narration captured the main character’s personality and journey so well and completely elevated the entire experience. This one left me with a major book hangover. Be warned, though, this isn’t a romance novel, but I think romance fans will be more than satisfied with the ending.


REAL KIND OF LOVE is finally here! This is a lighthearted & funny romance about an introverted audiobook narrator who enlists her secret crush to pose as her boyfriend during a weeklong vacation with her large & over-the-top family. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it!


Real Kind of Love excerpt

REAL KIND OF LOVE comes out June 5. Here’s an excerpt:

“Strawberry jelly, cruller or bagel?” She held up the brown bag, pulling him from his thoughts.

“Whatever you don’t want.”

“Nope. You have to choose. We’re going to have to get to know each other a little better for this whole thing to work, and I believe your Dunkin Donuts choice is like a window to your soul.”


“Your loss.”

“So what does my choice say about me?”

“That you don’t like happiness.” He raised an eyebrow and she let out a husky laugh. “I’m kidding. Mostly. But I’m guessing it means you prefer things neat and orderly. Straightforward. There’s no clean way to eat a jelly donut.”

Huh. He’d known her for three years and never heard her make a joke before. “Can’t argue with any of that.” The assessment of his personality or the sheer messiness of jelly donuts.

“Nothing wrong with crullers. But for the record, if you’d chosen the bagel, I would have forced you to turn the car around and never speak to me again. People who don’t like donuts can’t be trusted.” She handed him his cruller, covering the bottom half with the small, square napkin, then took a bite of the other powder-covered pastry. The sound that escaped her lips as she swallowed the sugary concoction could only be described as a cross between a purr and a throaty sigh. She stretched out her legs, rubbing her thighs together in a way that almost made him run the car right off the road. “There’s something about road trips that make junk food taste even better, don’t you think?”

He tightened his left hand around the wheel. “Yep.”

There was also something about the deep, husky tone of her voice that made everything she said sound like a euphemism for sex. He tried to keep his eyes on the road, but he was helpless to stop them from wandering toward her when she made that purring sound again.

She had a dab of powdered sugar on her nose.

Christ, he should just run them into a ditch now to get it over with because there was no way he was going to survive another three hours on the road if she kept that up.

REAL KIND OF LOVE – pre-order sale price

Book news! I’ve got a new, full-length release coming out on June 5th called REAL KIND OF LOVE and it’s on pre-order sale for only $0.99 until release day.

Here’s the short & sweet description:

Clem and Jake have one week to convince her quirky, overbearing family that their relationship is real during a summer vacation at a lakefront cottage. But with a growing attraction and only one bed between them, the bigger challenge is convincing themselves it’s not.





And if you love the fake relationship trope as much as I do, check out these other fantastic books coming out this spring:


The Princess Trap (out now)

Pretending He’s Mine (out now)

Luck of the Draw (April 24)

Grumpy Fake Boyfriend (May 22)

Happy reading!

Romance Cares Giveaway

I’m participating in the Romance Cares Giveaway organized by the amazing authors Mia Sosa and Rachel Lacey to help those affected by the recent disasters in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. More details are available here:
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